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Time-Triggered Ethernet is a scalable networking technology that uses time scheduling to deliver deterministic real-time communication over Ethernet. It has been specifically designed for safe and highly available real-time applications, cyber-physical systems and unified networking. It is fully compatible with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet and integrates transparently with Ethernet network components.


Time-Triggered Ethernet simplifies the design of fault-tolerant and high availability solutions for aerospace, automotive and industrial applications. Safety and redundancy are maintained at the network level without any need for application involvement. Functions at the network level, such as redundancy managements and fault-tolerant clock synchronization (as standardized in SAE AS6802) ease application design processes and enable faster time-to-market.

Scheduled traffic in Time-Triggered Ethernet is forwarded in an extremely precise way, down to the individual packet. This enables the scheduling of very tight control loops and the certification of networks for safety systems. Time-Triggered Ethernet also includes replicated packet communication, which guarantees the transmission of messages without any additional switch-over delays, even if one channel becomes faulty. This ensures maximised availability for safety systems in the presence of faults (fail operationality) and easier failure management.

time triggered ethernet cable

Key Benefits

  • Standards-based: Based on IEEE 802.3 and standardized in SAE AS6802
  • Partitioned: Virtual separation of traffic classes, enables convergence of other protocols on one physical network
  • Compatible: Integrates installed industrial Ethernet protocols including Profinet and EtherNet/IP
  • Scalable: Scales from small to very large systems without compromising safety, security or performance
  • Secure: Existing security standards and management features implemented, partitioning prevents denial of service
  • Safe: Certifiable for fail-operational safety systems

TTEthernet Product Line

TTEthernet, the core technology of our TTEthernet products, is a scalable, open real-time Ethernet platform used for safety-related applications.

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