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Our story

It all started with technology

TTTech was established in 1998 as a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) by Professor Hermann Kopetz, his son Georg Kopetz, and his former student Stefan Poledna.

How can we make safety-critical systems that we use every day in different machines, such as cars, planes, or industrial machinery as dependable and as safe as possible? That was the problem we were trying to solve. We have made good on our promise. Today, TTTech Group unites technology companies tailoring our core technologies to different markets. 

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Executive board

Georg Kopetz

Georg Kopetz

CEO and co-founder


Georg Kopetz is co-founder, CEO and member of the executive board at TTTech. As the company’s Chief Executive Officer, he is responsible for the overall strategy of the corporation, marketing, sales, finance and human resources. He also serves as the President of TTTech’s joint-venture company TTControl in Brixen/Bressanone, Italy. After attending school in Germany, Austria and the US, he studied law at the University of Vienna in Austria and at the Université Paris II (Panthéon-Assas) in France.


Manfred Prammer

Manfred Prammer



Manfred Prammer is COO and member of the executive board at TTTech. He is responsible for Research and Development, as well as Supply Chain Management. He has worked for TTTech since 1998 and built up the company’s electronics development and supply chain departments. He received his M.Sc. in electrical engineering from the Vienna University of Technology.

Portrait of Werner Köstler, TTTech CPO

Werner Köstler



Werner Köstler joined the TTTech Executive Board as Chief Performance Officer (CPO) in 2023. He is responsible for overseeing TTTech’s Aerospace business, its dependable networking portfolio (TSN), as well as project management and the IT department. Born in Austria, Werner Köstler completed an MA in Electronic Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna before embarking on an international career spanning various management roles on three continents.

Corporate Policy

Our goal is to support clients to achieve their business objectives by improving the reliability of networked computer systems. In order to continuously advance customer satisfaction we put special emphasis on effective project execution, including processes to guarantee compliance with customer and regulatory requirements. In addition, we have committed ourselves to high-level quality standards.

Our core technology is based on more than 30 years of development work, providing a mature basis to build applications in safety-critical areas.

TTTech’s employees are specialists in their work field, committing themselves to the quality and reliability the industry expects. We strive to create a challenging work environment to enable innovation and continue our history of success.

The continually changing market and the fast technological progress demand a flexible approach from our organization. Our organizational structure keeps communication dynamic and allows quick responses to customers needs.

These are the key priorities for all TTTech Group companies that ensure our innovation, growth and success. Our focus is the customer in every step of the way. These priorities ensure excellence in execution and compliance to all relevant standards and are also supported by our corporate culture.

quality and sustainability

Quality and Sustainability   

Sustainability at TTTech

Considering TTTech’s vision: “Advancing safe technologies, improving human lives” it goes without saying that sustainability is on top of our agenda. TTTech’s solutions considerably improve the approach of transportation and automation industries to safety-critical data communication with respect to cost, safety, and development efficiency.


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Industry Ecosystem    

Cooperation is progress

The TTTech Group is working on solutions that make megatrends like the Internet of Things and autonomous mobility a reality. Strong cooperation across industries is key to make safe, sustainable progress in developments that affect the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Meet our ecosystem

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