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In order to promote the idea of time-triggered technology and mixed-criticality systems, we are inviting universities to become TTTech University & Research Partners.

This program is aimed at advancing knowledge and research in the field of distributed embedded real-time systems. It is designed for non-profit research institutions only, and is free of charge.

Members benefit from considerable discounts on our products, service offerings, and support. Licenses and hardware are available for non-profit educational use.

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Our Solutions

Students and professors may use our solutions for:


  • Courses in the area of time-triggered technology and related systems concepts
  • Graduate and undergraduate projects for various engineering and non-engineering courses
  • Academic research activities where results are publicly available
  • Graduate student theses

The University & Research Program allows students as well as faculty at colleges and universities to use TTTech's state-of-the-art hardware and software evaluation devices and tools for curricula and research projects.


TTTech offers to supervise master theses as well as PhD theses. We are able to support theses in a variety of research fields. These proposed topics can be adapted to the student’s specific requirements. They can also be shaped towards a master or PhD level.

TTTech is a global leader in the field of robust networking and safety controls. To maintain our position, TTTech offers to supervise master theses as well as PhD theses. A selection of research fields is listed below. These proposed topics can be adapted to the student’s specific requirements. They can also be shaped towards a master or PhD level. Individuals as well as groups of students are welcome to work on the topics. The duration of the projects depends on the scope and topic of your thesis. An individual time schedule can be agreed upon in a personal interview.

These projects are also an ideal opportunity to become familiar with TTTech.

We offer you qualified supervision by our technical experts as well as the opportunity to combine your research project with gaining practical experience within a growing high-tech company.

For students at the Technical University of Vienna, we offer thesis projects in collaboration with TTTech on a regular basis. You can find an up-to-date list of topics here (please search for Wilfried Steiner).

If you would prefer to develop your own project and are interested in contributing to cutting-edge technology development, TTTech offers you a wide range of research topics in various fields:

  • Communication Networks with real-time and safety-relevant aspects
  • Virtualization
  • Embedded software
  • Configuration and management
  • Cyber security

Scientific Methods

The following types of engineering/scientific methods are recommended for the proposed topics, but are also matter of discussion and agreement with the student:

Simulation of the technology in a simulator as mutually agreed by the student and TTTech

Prototyping of the technology, can be hardware, software or both

The work will largely be based on TTTech’s available components, improve and configure these components towards a demonstrator

Academic Partners

TTTech also offers different kinds of academic partnerships: laboratory, curriculum and project partnerships.

Laboratory Partners are granted additional access to our hardware, software, and state-of-the-art materials. The idea is to enable students and faculty to get to know time-triggered technologies, e.g., by showing students a demo application in a laboratory. This is the easiest option for exploring the concepts of time-triggered technologies and getting into contact with TTTech, as no further commitment from the research institution is required.



Download University and Research Program FAQ

Download University and Research Program Flyer

By joining the University and Research Program as Curriculum Partner, TTTech assures you the most favorable conditions for teaching purposes. The goal of this partnership is to further research and development in the field of time-triggered technologies.

This program type is aimed at supporting partners and their students in acquiring a deeper knowledge of time-triggered technologies and implementing innovative time-triggered concepts. By sharing ideas on the member platform, University & Research Partners and TTTech exchange know-how in the field of research activities. TTTech also benefits from this program, as the discussion of experiences provides us with valuable feedback about our technologies.

Our Project Partners benefit from the very reasonable pricing conditions of our University & Research Program. The idea of this type of partnership is to enable a close working relationship with TTTech, and to further research and development in the area of time-triggered technologies. These research projects may even cover joint interests and result in continued cooperation.

This most comprehensive partner option supports you and your team and/or students from the first contact with time-triggered technology up to an advanced application of time-triggered concepts. By sharing know-how and results on the member platform, University & Research Partners and TTTech exchange expertise in the field of research activities. Major results may also be communicated to the public through newsletters or press activities.

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Do You Have Any Further Questions Regarding Your Research Project?


Wilfried Steiner, Director TTTech Labs

Phone: +43 1 585 34 34-0

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