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The following content was part of our original TTTech Newsletter sent in June 2023. 
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The future is green
and digital

Sustainability is an all-encompassing megatrend. It must be the basis for all new technological developments in a world dealing with global warming.

But what technological developments are we talking about? And what does this mean for businesses?

Find out directly from TTTech CEO and co-founder Georg Kopetz:

Georg Kopetz

Does technology have a place in sustainable development?
Definitely. (...) We see on the one hand a big trend towards electrification of the so-called smart machines and on the other hand, that we are able to produce more and more energy from renewable sources at very interesting price points. This means that we are building a new economic backbone in terms of where we are getting our energy from but also how we use it.

Is TTTech planning to expand its footprint in this dynamic sector of renewable energy?
TTTech wants to be a leader in this field, first in Central Europe and then globally in the free economic world. We want to provide the enabling tech solutions to help electrify our mobility sector and industrial infrastructure.

I think there are many areas in which TTTech is contributing to a greener future, and I believe this will only increase in the next quarters as the demand is there.

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Sustainability: at the root of everything 

In today’s world, transitioning to more sustainable practices is a prerequisite for economic success.

In the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), technology plays a key role. Technology can make us more efficient and productive and help us reduce resource consumption. It allows us to harness sustainable mobility and energy production and bring these technologies to remote corners of the world. All new technological advancements, in turn, must meet sustainability standards, and shifts towards more sustainable practices must be implemented along the whole value chain.

Sustainable practice does not only encompass our natural environment but also our social and economic systems in which we must foster diversity and inclusion. Let's solve this challenge together



How new technologies drive the energy revolution

The energy sector is vital for every industry and every individual consumer – we all need energy to perform daily tasks, light and warm our homes and offices and to power computers, machines and factories. As the demand for energy increases, new and renewable forms of energy production are coming to the forefront.

Renewable energy brings with it a new set of challenges. The amount of energy generated with wind, water, and solar power varies significantly, be it due to weather conditions or even just the change of seasons. New technologies for energy storage and distribution are vital for ensuring that renewable energy can be supplied to the grid at all times in the quantities needed or used as a backup source during peak energy consumption.



Food production needs applicable, sustainable innovations – fast

Resources are getting scarce: due to a mixture of factors like population growth and climate change, arable land is dwindling. Food security has an enormous impact on both people and economies. The R&D project AGRARSENSE brings together 52 partners from 15 EU countries who are developing technologies in electronic components and systems to increase agricultural and forestry-related productivity and sustainability.

TTControl is providing the central nervous system of agricultural machines, enabling them to collect data from all available sensors on the machine and host applications. This will allow mobile machines, such as tractors or harvesters, to collect data from their environment, which they can use to optimize resources like water, fertilizer, or herbicide.



Sustainability in space

Sustainability is not an earthbound issue; it also affects the space sector. Have you ever wondered how rocket launchers are recycled and what safe networked computing platforms can contribute to resource efficiency in spacecraft? Then we recommend this 2022 interview with Kurt Doppelbauer of TTTech Aerospace, in which he speaks about sustainability in space.



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