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The following content was part of our original TTTech Newsletter sent in June 2023. 
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How connectivity 
is transforming tech

Welcome to TTTech News, the cross-industry newsletter of the TTTech Group!

In this format, we would like to give you a bird’s-eye view across current tech trends in autonomy, automation, IoT, safety, security, sustainability and where we believe technology will take us next across these industries.

And who better to be your guide than TTTech CEO and co-founder Georg Kopetz himself? In the first edition of his quarterly CEO Update, we asked Georg about his vision for 2023, TTTech’s recipe for success, and technology trends to watch this year. 

A little teaser from the interview:

Georg Kopetz

Which tech trends are you particularly focusing on this year?
The Internet Protocol is becoming part of our everyday machines. The Internet of Things, or rather, the “Internet of Everything” makes our machinery world more connected than ever, and the rate of connectivity is increasing at lightning (Gigabit) speed.

What kind of technology is needed for the Internet of Everything?
Building dependable networks, that is, networks that are both safe and secure, has been part of TTTech’s DNA from the very beginning. The increased need for such networks coincides with a strong trend to full electrification and autonomous operations of not just mobility, but almost all industries. This means that machines are no longer seen in isolation but become part of an interconnected system that offers new avenues for innovation, what I like to call “systemic innovation”.

Do you have an example of systemic innovation put into practice?
There are many, but to name just one example: The energy market is facing unprecedented environmental and territorial challenges. TTTech’s networking and edge solutions (Nerve and Oblo) become part of the solution in making green, connected, distributed energy management systems a reality for everyone.

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An Introduction to the Internet of Everything 

Connectivity and IoT are tech megatrends rooted in our intrinsic human needs: The strength of our personal and social connections is the basis for our survival. As humans have expanded into the digital sphere, they have taken their inherent needs for connection and communication with them and adapted them for this new space. 
From smart industrial connectivity to connected, software-defined vehicles, today, truly everything is connected.



XR helps humans connect with machines

Mobile machines, such as excavators, snow groomers, or cranes, are often large and bulky, and sometimes controlled remotely. It can be a challenge for a human operator to maintain an overview of the machine and its environment.
Extended reality (XR) technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), or augmented reality (AR) can expand the operator’s field of vision and improve his or her confidence in human-machine interaction. TTControl is leading the new R&D project THEIAXR that is aiming to improve human-machine interaction with the help of XR.


Smart, connected tractors for more sustainable agriculture

Precision farming can help save resources like fertilizer, water, or pesticides or allow farmers to only harvest crops that are already ripe. It bears the potential to make agriculture greener and more efficient, and also counteract labor shortages in rural areas.
TTControl has co-developed a virtual terminal that can turn tractors into smart machines, capable of precision farming.



Safe networks enable robots to navigate in space

Space exploration is taking humanity further and further away from planet Earth. Smart robots, such as drones, landers, and rovers are essential when it comes to studying far-off celestial bodies.
Advanced algorithms, hardware, and software solutions enable safe landing and navigation in harsh environments like the surface of the Moon or Mars. Read more how the SENAV project enables safe navigation in space.



Increase connectivity with a digital twin

Digital twins are a virtual representation of a physical asset, system, or process that can be used to optimize performance, predict maintenance needs, and make better-informed decisions.
Are you a manufacturing SME or mid-cap looking to take your business to the next level?

Change2Twin, a European project supporting manufacturing SMEs in their digitalization process, is excited to announce the launch of its 2nd Deployment Voucher Open Call.

This could be your chance to get a deployment voucher of up to €90,000 to help implement a digital twin solution and access an 11-month support program with top-class technical experts.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase competitiveness!


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