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Change2Twin Deployment Voucher 2023

Change2Twin, a European project supporting manufacturing SMEs in their digitalization process, is announcing the launch of its 2nd Deployment Voucher Open Call. This program provides up to 16 vouchers, worth 90,000 euros each, to European SMEs and mid-caps looking to digitize their processes with a digital twin. TTTech is a consortium member and supports the project with technical expertise and key technology.

Improving competitiveness through digital twin technology

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical asset, system, or process that can be used to optimize performance, predict maintenance needs, and make better-informed decisions. The Change2Twin Deployment Voucher program offers a unique opportunity for manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps to access an 11-month support program with top-class technical experts and be part of a cutting-edge EU project.

"We are excited to offer this program to manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps looking to improve their competitiveness through digital twin technology," said Tor Dokken, Project Coordinator at Change2Twin. "By providing access to expert support and a deployment voucher, we hope to help companies overcome the challenges of digitization and drive real business value."

New position paper on enabling technologies for digital twins

In addition, Change2Twin has just published a new position paper “Enabling technologies for digital twins in manufacturing”, co-edited by TTTech Innovation Projects and Funding Manager Marcela Alzin. This position paper should help manufacturers to better understand which types of technologies are available when setting up a digital twin and which purposes they serve.

One example is edge computing:. A digital twin requires a large amount of data. According to the Change2Twin paper, a major benefit of edge computing is that data can be processed without ever having to leave the local network, solving issues with latency by avoiding transferring huge amounts of data. An additional benefit of edge computing is that it is easier to ensure the data remains private and secure. One of the enabling technologies available to manufacturers to support secure data processing are edge computing platforms, such as TTTech Industrial’s Nerve.

Apply now!

To apply for a Change2Twin Deployment Voucher, interested companies can simply fill out an online form. The application period is open now until April 16. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your company's digitization and improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and increase competitiveness.




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