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Faster time to market for trucks, buses and mobile machinery used on roads due to safety certified components

Testing and validation processes typically account for 20 to 30 percent of development costs.[1] The certification of TTControl's off-the-shelf electronic control units reduces these costs and enables faster time to market. The ISO 26262:2018 certification allows the use of the electronic controllers designed for rough operating conditions in road vehicle electrical and electronic (E/E) systems. TÜV Nord certified the functional safety and compliance with the ASIL C integrity level of the HY-TTC 500 electronic controller family when programmed in C.

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“Using certified safety-relevant components reduces validation costs significantly.” - Manfred Prammer, Managing Director of TTControl

“Drivers of trucks and busses, as well as mobile machinery used on roads, such as firefighting vehicles, garbage trucks and road sweepers, expect their vehicles to offer the same safety level as passenger cars,” says Manfred Prammer, Managing Director of TTControl. “By using our ASIL C certified electronic controllers, vehicle manufacturers raise the safety standard in the heart of their electronic architecture and prevent system failures. Using certified safety-relevant components reduces vehicle-level validation costs significantly.”

The HY-TTC 500 series consists of high-end safety-control units, designed to build up a safe, centralized electronic architecture using a single controller for the whole vehicle. A single controller architecture can be used in a wide range of automotive and off-highway applications to handle electronic complexity, save costs and increase safety.

ISO 26262 is the international standard for road vehicle functional safety as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard aims to reduce possible hazards caused by electrical and electronic systems' failure and malfunctioning. In the ISO 26262:2018 edition, the standard has been extended to vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons.

ISO 26262 is relevant for safety-related systems that include one or more electrical or electronic (E/E) system installed in series production road vehicles, including buses and trucks. So far, the HY-TTC 500 family has fulfilled the IEC 61508, ISO 13849 and ISO 25119 safety standards. Now, the entire ECU platform covering both hardware and software when programmed in C complies with the even stricter requirements for functional safety under ISO 26262:2018, as a safety element out of context (SEooC).

Safety requirements depend on the ASIL rating of the target application and can range from ASIL A to ASIL D, depending on the defined risk classes and integrity levels of each safety goal.

HY-TTC 500 family products are supplied by TTControl for the off-highway market and by TTTech Auto for the automotive market.

Find out more about the HY-TTC 500 family at the product pages of TTControl  and TTTech Auto

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