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TTP®-based systems enable design of open, reusable and modular integrated systems at lower complexity. TTPDevelopment Cluster is ideally suited to evaluate TTP and build first demonstrators.

Mature set of tools and standard components

This kit includes up to eight host controller boards with a TTP interface, monitoring unit, design tools and on-board embedded software. TTP controllers, embedded software, design, verification and monitoring tools have been used in aerospace production programs since 2000. All standard components are certifiable according to DO-254/DO-178B Level A and applied in integrated control system platforms. Model-oriented design of control systems using 3rd party interfaces (TTPSCADElink) is fully supported.

Related products

TTPBreak-Out Box helps to design and fine-tune physical communication layers for TTP. TTTech's services and consulting assist you in designing the high-integrity architecture which best fits your system integration needs.

Key Benefits

  • Ready-to-go TTP system
  • All necessary TTP software included
  • Demo application included
  • Includes on-site setup and quick start
  • Real-time monitoring of TTP networks
  • Application loading over the TTP network
  • Fast evaluation of TTP
  • Supports time-triggered architecture
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