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TTTech flag in front of building

The TTTech Story

It all started with technology, basic research.

TTTech, which stands for Time-Triggered Technology, was established in 1998 as a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) by Professor Hermann Kopetz, his son Georg Kopetz, and his former student Stefan Poledna. Back then, spin-offs with a focus on technology were unheard of in Europe. Our core mission from the outset: to provide reliable computer systems. The basic idea revolved around dependability and real-time safety. How can an overall system keep up safe operation when singular components fail? How can we make safety-critical systems that we use every day in different machines, such as cars, planes, or industrial machinery as dependable and as safe as possible? That was the problem we were trying to solve.

Today, TTTech Group unites technology companies tailoring our core technologies to different markets.  There are roughly 2 million cars on the street with automated driving systems based on our technology. Our solutions are installed in more than 10,000 wind turbines that provide millions of  households with clean, sustainable energy. Our networking solutions have allowed airplanes to safely cover more than one billion flight hours while two million kilometres were covered by spacecraft in deep space. Trains, trucks, snow groomers, and many other machines clock in billions of operating hours with our solutions on board. For now, we have made good on our promise to make computer systems worldwide as safe and dependable as possible. But the journey is never over. We are excited to find out where it will take us next.


Milestones of innovation


Its TTEthernet® solution is being used in the Orion spacecraft’s avionics system and the European Service Module.

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An illustration of NASA’s Orion Artemis I spacecraft orbiting the Moon. Credit Lockheed Martin


Its TTEthernet® controllers connect more than 50 subsystems in Ariane 6’s avionics system.

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Visit of ArianeGroup in Vienna to discuss the exploitation agreement and R&D partnership with TTTech Aerospace. © TTTech Computertechnik AG


TTTech Aerospace enters the fast-growing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market with a certifiable network interface card that has already been successfully integrated into a modern UAV avionics system.
TTEEnd System A664 Pro (PMC) card


In 2022, TTTech Auto experienced continued growth. Dr. Dirk Linzmeier took over the role of CEO from Georg Kopetz and will guide the company on the next stage of its journey.
company co-founder Georg Kopetz with Executive Board members Dirk Linzmeier, Harald Triplat, Stefan Poledna and Friedhelm Pickhard. Image © Helmut Mitter


They will provide state-of-the art communication technologies for software-defined vehicles. The initial product of this collaboration will be the first European implementation of a Data Distribution Service (OMG DDS) that is safety certified under ISO 26262 for use in production vehicles. The MotionWise Cyclone DDS network protocol will ensure safe and quality-assured real-time communications throughout the entire vehicle. The partnership includes an investment by TTTech Auto in ZettaScale Technology as part of TTTech Auto's inorganic growth strategy following its latest funding round. 

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2022 Management photo signing ZettaScale TTTech-Auto



TTTech Auto's successful expansion continues with and exclusive office in China and the opening of a new office in South Korea, where the company is building on a long-standing and successful relationship with a South Korean OEM that will deploy TTTech Auto's safe vehicle software platform, MotionWise, in series production and Tier 1 suppliers. 
Jaeyoon Cho Managing Director at TTTech Auto Korea



In 2022, TTTech Group businesses were able to achieve many successes and faced challenges head-on. To continue our sustainable growth story and focus on leveraging our strengths to expand our global reach, we will strengthen our management team. The internationally experienced top manager Werner Köstler will join the TTTech executive board as of January 1, 2023 as Chief Performance Officer (CPO).
Werner Köstler ©Interfoto



Herbert Hufnagl joined TTTech Industrial as Member of the Executive Board and General Manager in July 2022. His focus is on sales, marketing and product management and in particular the strengthening of the go-to-market activities for TTTech Industrial’s edge computing platform Nerve.
Herbert Hufnagl ©Interfoto



TTControl introduced the new ECU family for construction and off-highway machinery. With the new compact TTC 2030 family and the TTC 2300 family they enable machine manufacturers to future-proof their machines.

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new ECU family


Vehicle manufacturers now have to invest less time and effort in the certification process for mobile machinery.

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ISO 26262 certified by TÜV Nord


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