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Among the key factors that advance TTTech’s successful development is its close cooperation with a number of dynamic, international companies and institutions.

Strategic alliances allow us to work together with competent partners at all levels and stages – from the design to implementation. Our involvement with a broad variety of industries provides us with a high innovation potential.

TTTech has formed a number of partnerships with leading research institutions, technology and distribution companies.

Selected partners & memberships

Joint initiatives

The TTTech Group is working on solutions that make megatrends like the Internet of Things and autonomous mobility a reality.

Strong cooperation across industries is key to make safe, sustainable progress in developments that affect the lives of millions of people worldwide. Since the very beginning, TTTech has started and joined initiatives designed to forge strong ecosystems to tackle these challenges together.

The stage at The Autonomous main event in Vienna

The Autonomous

Initiated by TTTech Auto, The Autonomous is a global community shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility.

Through an open platform approach, The Autonomous aims at building an ecosystem of all actors involved in the development of safe autonomous mobility to work together and generate know-how assets.

Complementary to standardization organizations that establish uniform engineering or technical criteria, methods, and processes, The Autonomous will develop Global Reference Solutions that conform to relevant standards and facilitate the adoption of safe autonomous mobility on a grand scale.

Community contributors include Audi, BMW, Daimler, VW, Infineon, Samsung, Continental, and Intel, among many others.

Image: Christian-Steinbrenner

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inside view of a modern meeting room with a glass front

Covision Lab

Covision Lab is a computer vision and AI-focused research and applications center in Bressanone, Italy. It was founded by TTControl and six multinational partners to unite their R&D resources and translate the latest research into applicable technology. The aim is to develop new applications for mobile machinery.

Image: Durst Group

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connection lines

TTA Group

The TTA Group consortium was a cross-industry community for technical and market development of safety-related architectures and time-triggered networks. 

TTA-Group promoted cross-industry technologies for time-triggered solutions and concentrated on the aerospace, off-highway vehicles, railway, and industrial control markets, where demanding requirements for safety-critical applications have to be fulfilled at low cost.

One of the major outcomes of this cross-industry collaboration is the creation of two industry standards: Time-Triggered Ethernet (SAE AS6802) and Time-Triggered Protocol (SAE AS6003).

In addition, market leaders from the off-highway and specialized vehicle industries have joined forces in TTA-Group’s Steer-by-Wire Working Group. In this working group members combined their know-how and experiences to implement a cost-efficient steer-by-wire system.

Apart from TTTech, consortium members included industry leaders like Audi, Honeywell, Hydac, John Deere, Liebherr, NASA, SAE, and many more.


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