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What is it like to work at TTTech? #mindgrowing

Our values drive us in what we do and create our unique TTTech spirit.

Every day, we aim to create a motivating work environment to enable innovation and continue our success story. TTTech’s employees are specialists in their fields, committed to reaching our goals in line with the quality and reliability the industry expects.



More than 2300 employees work at TTTech Group, from 60 countries, speaking 100 different languages

Who are the people that work with us? What does #mindgrowing mean to them? Get to know some TTTech team members in these videos:

Team events

Work should be enjoyable, so at TTTech we make room for meaningful connections and social interaction among our team members.

Throughout the year, we organize many team events: creative, sporty, inspiring, or sometimes just plain fun. Have look at these snapshots from some of our past events. Perhaps you will be joining us for the next one?

1 team event
2 team event
3 team event
4 team event
5 team event
6 team event
7 team event
8 team event
9 team event
10 team event
11 team event
12 team event
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