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Sustainability illustration
Solar system installed at TTTech's headquarters in Vienna
At the beginning of March 2024, TTTech started operating a photovoltaic system on the roof of its headquarters in Vienna's 4th district. The system’s 166 solar panels on 320 m2 produce electricity for the company's own consumption and the surplus will be fed into the Viennese power grid.  
Erlebnisraum group photo
AI may be taking over more and more routine tasks in the future, but we will always need ideas – developed by humans for humans. That’s why the Vienna Business Agency has created the “Erlebnisraum” – a dedicated space in Vienna where children of all ages and social backgrounds can learn how to develop their ideas, using science and technology.
CEO Update 2
Welcome to the second CEO update of 2023. TTTech CEO and co-founder Georg Kopetz tells us why sustainability as a concept is so important to our society, the TTTech businesses, and to him personally and how technology might lead the way to a greener future. He also talks about exciting technology solutions from TTTech to look out for in distributed energy management, precision agriculture, and much more.  
Climate protection, sustainability and circular economy are the main topics of the KURIER SPEAK OUT Festival, held on 13 June 2023 in Vienna, Austria. TTTech CEO and co-founder Georg Kopetz will participate in the panel TECHNOLOGIE IM KAMPF GEGEN DIE KLIMAKRISE (Technology in the fight against the climate crisis),
AGRARSENSE harvester
By 2050, the global human population will grow to 10 billion. At the same time, resources are getting scarce: due to a mixture of factors like population growth and climate change, arable land is dwindling. Urbanization means that cities spread into the countryside and agricultural laborers, in turn, move to the cities, leaving rural areas short on labor. The UN estimates that, also by 2050, about half of the human population will be affected by water shortages.
Within the framework of the ECSEL-JU project Aggregate Farming in the Cloud (AFarCloud), a virtual terminal was developed that can help turn existing tractors into smart machines, capable of semi-autonomous operation. This innovation could make agriculture more sustainable and counteract skilled labor shortage in rural areas.
IV-BUTA-2022-401 Georg Kopetz
On October 20, TTTech CEO and co-founder Georg Kopetz participated in the Annual Meeting of the Junge Industrie, the youth branch of the Federation of Austrian Industries. In his keynote, he tackled the question: how can we turn Austria, and especially Vienna, into an international innovation hot spot?
Christian Steinbrenner
The Autonomous is a global community shaping the future of safe autonomous mobility. On September 27, 2022, 500 participants met in Vienna’s magnificent Hofburg imperial palace for the annual The Autonomous Main Event. While this is an ideal stage for the “who is who” of the business community to network and exchange ideas, it is also a perfect opportunity to take stock of what is happening in the world of international research and development.
World space week
World Space Week was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 and is celebrated in October every year. Its aim is to bring space education and outreach to the general public through contributions from space agencies, aerospace companies, institutions and museums.
Vestas Wind Turbines
Wind energy is a clean, renewable source of energy and the market for wind energy is likely to continue to grow. According to WindEurope, about 16% of electricity in Europe already comes from wind power.  Vestas is one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbines worldwide and TTTech Industrial has been working together with them successfully for more than 10 years.
TTTech Change2Twin News
The EU project Change2Twin* was started two years ago with the goal of supporting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in their digitalization journey. In a virtual kick-off event hosted by TTTech in March 2022, 11 companies that secured funding for their digital twin via the project’s open call, discovered suitable technologies and met their mentors for the first time.
December 11, 2012 TTTech, the leading supplier of dependable networking solutions based on time-triggered technology and modular safety platforms, is the first high-tech company to be awarded the WindMade certification label. In its headquarters in Austria, TTTech obtains 78 % of its power demand from wind energy.  
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