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TTPSimulate is a high-performance test system which enables the simulation of a TTP® bus in real-time. It allows full hardware in the loop verification of a TTP® unit. There are two form factors available for this product – PCIe and XMC card format. Both cards can act as four independent TTP nodes and have an IRIG-B interface for time-stamping.

Both versions support TTP® classic speed with a 4 Mbit/s Manchester physical layer and TTP® high-speed 20 Mbit/s 8B10B physical layer.

One or more TTPSimulate cards can be plugged into the PCIe sockets of a Windows or Linux based PC. Every card represents several TTP® nodes. TTPSimulate is controlled by the main CPU of the computer in which the card has been deployed.

Key benefits

  • Real-time simulation board
  • Simulation of up to 4 TTP® nodes
  • Full tools support
  • Driver support for Linux and Windows
  • PCIe and XMC form factor
  • IRIG-B time stamping
  • Easy to use, high-level API
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