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Behind the scenes: Interview Christian Fidi with brutkasten (Martin Pacher)
Interview with brutkasten: Martin Pacher (left) and Christian Fidi, General Manager TTTech Aerospace

Have you ever asked yourself how an airplane can be flown securely? Aviation is known as a particularly secure mobility solution that is backed by a lot of innovative technology. In a modern avionics system, many systems need to be connected via a failsafe data network and increasingly higher amounts of data need to be transmitted. This is necessary to ensure that all important information about the airplane’s status as well as external factors such as weather or traffic data is available to the pilots and that communication to ground stations is guaranteed. 

TTTech has been supplying networking technology and solutions for safe and secure connectivity to international airplane manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus and their suppliers for 25 years. The number of employees in TTTech’s aerospace business entity (TTTech Aerospace) has doubled in the past four years, driven in particular by space contracts from the USA. Currently, 250 people work in this area at TTTech. 

Christian Fidi, General Manager TTTech Aerospace, explains the collaboration between TTTech Aerospace and its customers and why safety, security, and reliability are essential in aviation: “Flight control systems or fly-by-wire need to be failsafe and work reliably because in aviation security has the highest priority. Solutions from TTTech Aerospace are integrated into safety-critical systems. We work very closely with airplane manufacturers and their suppliers and are already involved in the early stages of development and update processes for avionics.” 


Technology from TTTech Aerospace is used in aviation, but also in space applications, most recently e.g., for the NASA Artemis I mission, during which the NASA Orion spacecraft completed a successful text flight around the Moon in November 2022. Here, TTTech Aerospace supplies products for the avionics system, the spacecraft's ‘central nervous system’, and for the European Service Module from the European Space Agency (ESA), which powers the spacecraft. 


Apart from the aviation and space sectors, Christian Fidi sees further growth opportunities for TTTech Aerospace, e.g., in urban air mobility (UAM): “Flight taxis and delivery drones will bring electric mobility from the street into the air. There’s a lot of momentum in the market and many new players as well as start-ups that manufacture vehicles and infrastructure.” 


Want to know more? You can watch Christian’s full interview with Austrian media 'brutkasten' below (in German). He talks about TTTech Aerospace, job opportunities in the Austrian aviation and space sector, the international aviation industry, NASA’s Artemis program, and new exciting market trends in aviation: 


The interview is also available on the brutkasten website.

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