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Aerospace landing page screenshot
Group photo: TTTech Aerospace & Réaltra
A new space race is on, and the Moon will be a stepping stone for further exploration into deep space. This time, the focus lies on establishing a presence in space beyond anything that has been done before.
Austrospace event - presentation by Federal Minister Leonore Gewessler (Photo: Nicky Webb Photography)
Wien, Österreich, 29. November 2023: TTTech Aerospace ist ein Geschäftsbereich des weltweit agierenden Unternehmens TTTech und bietet deterministische Embedded Netzwerk- und Plattformlösungen für Luft- und Raumfahrtanwendungen. TTTech war kürzlich in seiner Firmenzentrale in Wien Gastgeber der 100.
Join TTTech Aerospace at the EDHPC (European Data Handling & Data Processing Conference) 2023. It is being organized by the European Space Agency ESA and taking place from October 2-6 in Juan-Les-Pins, France. Presentation:
TTTech and STMicroelectronics: collaboration in the space sector
ST supplies chips to TTTech that are used among others in the European launcher program Ariane 6 and the next-generation networking and computing platforms for NASA’s Gateway, a vital component of NASA Artemis program that will return humanity to the Moon and enable further deep space exploration to Mars.
TTTech Aerospace: space and aviation verticals
Effective April 1, 2023, TTTech’s business entity TTTech Aerospace has implemented a new go-to-market organization, preparing to build the future of aerospace networking systems in the aviation and space markets. Interdisciplinary teams of experts will support customers across the whole product lifecycle, from development to product delivery and maintenance of delivered products.
TU Wien Space Team
The Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria’s largest educational and research institution for technology and natural science, is located next door to high-tech company TTTech, which is active around the world in a wide range of industries with its safe networked computing platforms. One of these industries is the currently growing space sector.
SENAV project visual
TTTech is one of the project partners in the Horizon Europe project SENAV  – a new space science and exploration technologies project aiming to improve safety and performance of landers, drones, and robot control systems. The project kicked off in Hannover in December 2022. Until 2025, the consortium will develop a range of solutions in smart space exploration navigation.
Image of Earth captured by Orion spacecraft during Artemis I mission (c) NASA
On December 11, 2022, the NASA Orion spacecraft returned to Earth after its final 25.5-day uncrewed flight test around the Moon. The Artemis I mission was a key milestone in bringing humans back to the Moon.
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