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Behind the scenes: Martin Pacher (brutkasten), left, with Christian Fidi (TTTech)
During the interview: Martin Pacher, brutkasten (left) and Christian Fidi, General Manager TTTech Aerospace

Have you ever asked yourself how an airplane can be flown securely? Our TTTech Aerospace team has been working with international airplane manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus and their suppliers for 25 years.  

“Flight control systems or fly-by-wire need to be failsafe and work reliably because in aviation security has the highest priority. Solutions from TTTech Aerospace are integrated into safety-critical systems. We work very closely with airplane manufacturers and their suppliers and are already involved in the early stages of development and update processes for avionics,” explains Christian Fidi, General Manager TTTech Aerospace. 


Our technology is also used in space, e.g., for the NASA Artemis mission that will bring humanity back to the Moon and deeper into space. In addition, there are growth opportunities in the growing sector of urban air mobility, according to Christian: “Flight taxis and delivery drones will bring electric mobility from the street into the air. There is a lot of momentum in the market and many new players as well as start-ups that manufacture vehicles and infrastructure.” 


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Watch Christian’s interview with Austrian media ‘brutkasten’ (in German):

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