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TU Wien Space Team
The TU Wien Space Team
Image © TU Wien Space Team

The Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria’s largest educational and research institution for technology and natural science, is located next door to high-tech company TTTech, which is active around the world in a wide range of industries with its safe networked computing platforms. One of these industries is the currently growing space sector. As TTTech is always on the lookout for young talents, the company is sponsoring the TU Wien Space Team, a student-led group designing experimental rockets, rocket engines, and mini-satellites to ensure the next generation of rocket scientists is underway.

Christian Zwaz, Project Engineer • Customer Services, TTTech Aerospace

Christian Zwaz joined TTTech four years ago – he is an alumnus of TU Wien and was also part of the TU Wien Space Team, like several of his colleagues at TTTech. Now, he works as a Project Engineer in the customer service team. Being able to work on the TU Wien Space Team taught him not only technical expertise but also how to incorporate different viewpoints in projects and cooperate with people from different technical and non-technical backgrounds: “The TU Wien Space Team is, above all, an interdisciplinary team of students from different fields of study with an interest in space – from mechanical engineering to information technology or architecture. This allows you to apply what you have learned in class and to try out new things and different technical approaches used in the industry. A team with a wide range of knowledge, backgrounds, and points of view, as well as collaborating directly with company representatives teaches you valuable lessons about work in the industry, as well as how to communicate your technical expertise to people from different backgrounds and departments.”

Sponsorships like TTTech’s allow the TU Wien Space Team to work on new and exciting projects and familiarize themselves with products, processes, and technology that they will also encounter in their future jobs: “We are happy that TTTech has joined the ranks of our sponsors. The commitment to a long-term partnership allows us to work on complex projects and get the necessary equipment. Moreover, it is always exciting to work with domestic companies in the aerospace industry, as it offers the possibility for collaboration on future endeavors. It is a perfect opportunity to further our goal of driving forward Austrian involvement in space and space technologies,” says Daniel Schloms, TU Wien Space Team.

TTTech was founded as a spin-off of TU Wien in 1998. Research and development as well as cooperation with institutions and educational facilities are at the core of its success in different industries – from aerospace to off-highway and industrial automation. In the space sector, TTTech is working with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) on today’s largest international programs such as NASA Artemis, which will return humanity to the Moon, or the new European launcher generation Ariane 6.

General Manager TTTech Aerospace

Christian Fidi, General Manager TTTech Aerospace, says he is excited about the sponsorship as well: “My team and I are passionate about space and proud to be on board of the NASA Orion spacecraft, NASA’s Gateway space station and Ariane 6. We want to share that passion with the next generation of rocket scientists and space software engineers that will shape the future of the Austrian space sector and, of course, we hope to also interest them in a career with us.”

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