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A megatrend is a future pattern or tendency that has effects on a global scale. By observing megatrends, we can predict to a certain extent, which developments will affect humanity in the decades to come. This allows us not just to react to a trend but to shape it proactively for the benefit of all.

As the world becomes more digital and connected, TTTech’s technologies and solutions become key enablers in some of the most pressing matters of our time.



Fault-tolerant clock synchronization mechanism (SAE AS6802) is used to synchronize non-faulty networking components even in the present of faulty clocks. This provides Guarantee of Service for safety systems, even in the presence of faults (fail operationality). Messages are forwarded in an extremely precise way, down to the individual packet. This enables a granular control over time-scheduled traffic.

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Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is a set of IEEE 802 Ethernet sub-standards that are defined by the IEEE TSN task group. These standards enable fully deterministic real-time communication over Ethernet. TSN achieves determinism over Ethernet by using a global sense of time and a schedule which is shared between network components.

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The time-triggered communication protocol TTP® was designed to reduce the complexity of distributed fault-tolerant architectures. TTP is used in commercial applications since 2002. It enables reliable distributed computing and networking at lower lifecycle costs. This modular control system platform technology supports efficient system reconfiguration, upgrades and growth.

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Deterministic Ethernet refers to a networked communication technology that uses time scheduling to bring deterministic real-time communication to standard IEEE 802 Ethernet. Deterministic Ethernet operates using a global sense of time and a schedule which is shared between network components.

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