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About me

I am a research enginner at TTTech labs, Vienna, Austria. I received my Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering  from Distrital University of Bogota in 2012. I got my Master's degree in Computer Science And Networking from the Scuola Superiore Sant Anna and University of Pisa in 2017 with a thesis in the field of High Performance Computing, embedded computing systems and low power wireless technologies. From 2017 to 2019  I worked as a post-degree research engineer  at STMicroelectronics, researching real-time audio streaming for bluetooth low energy applications. Since November 2019, I have been part of TTTech Labs as a research engineer in real-time systems and embedded systems.

I took part in one EU-funded research project, UP2DATE (H2020), focusing on enabling runtime remote deployment of (mixed-criticality) applications in heterogeneous computing platforms.

My research interests focus on  understanding, designing and evaluating deterministic task scheduling strategies on distributed systems operating in highly dynamic environments.  Some of my research topics are Realtime Operating Systems, Parallel Computing, Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing, Control Systems and System Optimization.


Google Scholar

Diego A Guzman,Dott. Danelutto, Marco, Dott. Sannino, Roberto,Ing. Santacatterina, Marco "High Performance Audio Streaming For Bluetooth Low Energy Applications”(Dic 1th, 2017)


UP2DATE JANUARY 2020- NOVEMBER 2022 SAfety and SEcurity (SASE) software updates for Mixed-Criticality Cyber-Physical Systems (MCCPS) :  

Research  program funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to enable the runtime deployment of new (mixed-criticality) applications remotely (patching existing functions or extending the functionality) in heterogeneous computing platforms

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