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About me

I joined TTTech Labs in 2019 shortly after completing my PhD studies in Logistics / Operations Research at the University of Vienna. My research interests revolve around:

  • Modeling and analysis of combinatorial problems
  • Design and development of metaheuristic algorithms
  • Multi-objective optimization

My current work at TTTech Labs is focused on modeling and optimizing the interdependent configuration problems around processor scheduling and network routing for real-time systems. I develop models and algorithms for harmonizing the execution of time-triggered, fixed-priority, and event-triggered processes in a way that guarantees the satisfaction of stringent temporal and logical requirements. This includes directly integrating the communication layer (e.g. TSN, TTEthernet) into those approaches in order to provide a coherent configuration for the system as a whole. I also focus on generalizing the concepts and algorithms to enable modular and flexible adaptations to new requirements in the future.

  • Matl, P., Nolz, P. C., Ritzinger, U., Ruthmair, M., & Tricoire, F. (2017). Bi-objective orienteering for personal activity scheduling. Computers & Operations Research, 82, 69-82.
  • Matl, P., Hartl, R. F., & Vidal, T. (2019). Leveraging single‐objective heuristics to solve bi‐objective problems: heuristic box splitting and its application to vehicle routing. Networks, 73(4), 382-400.
  • Matl, P., Hartl, R. F., & Vidal, T. (2018). Workload equity in vehicle routing problems: A survey and analysis. Transportation Science, 52(2), 239-260.
  • Matl, P., Hartl, R. F., & Vidal, T. (2019). Workload equity in vehicle routing: The impact of alternative workload resources. Computers & Operations Research, 110, 116-129.
  • Vidal, T., Laporte, G., & Matl, P. (2020). A concise guide to existing and emerging vehicle routing problem variants. European Journal of Operational Research, 286(2), 401-416.

Best Dissertation Award 2019, Austrian Operations Research Society (ÖGOR)

Reviewer for scientific journals, including:

Computers & Operations Research

European Journal of Operational Research

Transportation Science

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