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Walter Klausberger is managing the patent portfolio of the TTTech Group and takes care of inventions and patent clearings as required by the business entities at TTTech.

Before joining TTTech in 2019, he worked for 32 years at Siemens (1987 – 2017) and ATOS (2017-2019) in various roles as a developer, expert for internet protocol topics, group lead, and project and patent manager.

He also participated in the IETF standardization for Siemens.

He studied communications engineering at TU Vienna and received his master in 1990.


  • DE102007037101A1 - Verkehrsinformations- und/oder -regelungsverfahren, Verkehrsinformations- und/oder -regelungssystem und Fahrzeug
  • US8391179B2 - Method and device for data communication and communication system comprising such device
  • WO2008019972A1 - Method for the computer-assisted processing of calls between subscribers in a telecommunication network
  • US20090103458A1 - Avoidance of incorrect classification of desired messages as spam-over-internet-telephony messages
  • EP1935155A1 - Method for minimizing spectral interference during packet-switched data transmission
  • US8295447B2 - Method for storing and forwarding multimedia messages for multimedia calls
  • WO2007012543A1 - Method for setting up an anonymous service relationship in a decentralized network
  • US20080215737A1 - Method for Controlling Communication in a Decentralized Network
  • WO2007012557A1 - Method for establishment of service relationships in a decentralised network
  • WO2006117288A1 - Method for supporting service relations in a decentralised network
  • US7424023B2 - Method and access multiplexer for quick access to data networks
  • DE10225913B4 - Verfahren zur Überlastabwehr
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