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Autonomous driving is not as new an idea as people often think.

With its inception more than 95 years ago, it has seen many visionaries as well as many generations of ideas and technologies, paving the way to where we are today. Wherever in the world these visionaries are based, the technology they build together will soon hit the road. In the quest towards full automation, we at TTTech Auto have set out to tackle the toughest challenge of autonomous driving – safety. Our trusted safety platform already is on board more than one million vehicles. If you come work with us, so are you.

The cars of the past were guided by human hands
The cars of the future will be driven by human ideas
tttech auto mindgrowing two people are standing in front of a car

At TTTech Auto, you can put your brilliance and your resourcefulness to the test by tackling this multi-domain challenge of the automotive industry. In our pioneering teams we encourage each other to excel in our unique and fascinating projects every day, to create high-tech products that are truly driving change. But we also support one another with every shift of gears.

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